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Enotria welcomes visitors to its winery by reservation.
Visits are extensive and articulated, taking visitors through the vinification and aging cellars for an emotional experience following the journey of the grapes from the vineyards to the bottle. All visits end in the wine shop with a guided tasting of the winery’s products.


All around, Cirò Marina and Calabria offer visitors the opportunity to discover enchanting places of great historical, cultural and natural interest: the Punta Alice archaeological area, the charm of the sacred and profane of the Saracen Markets and the Sanctuary of Madonna di Mare (Our Lady of the Sea), the biodiversity and beauty of the Sila Natural Park and the Capo Rizzuto Island Marine Protected Area.

The beach of Cirò Marina has received the Blue Flag for several years for its enchanting and endless expanses of sand and rich seabeds.

Punta Alice Archaeological Area

It is believed to be ancient Krimisa, the city of Magna Graecia, founded by Philoctetes. This thesis is supported by the findings on the site of the Temple dedicated to Apollo Halaeus.
During excavations in the area some parts of the Greek marble statue were found; they are now on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria.

Madonna di Mare and the Saracen Markets

Madonna di Mare stands on the Alice promontory. It is a sanctuary built to honour the Queen of Heaven. Attached to the church are the Saracen Markets: an eighteenth-century merchant complex built on the initiative of the feudal princes of Tarsia, the site of the Santa Croce fair. The area, however, is intact: a charming structure made entirely of stone.


Cirò Marina has a small port for local fishermen and pleasure boats, perfect for those who want to reach it with a small boat. Immense and wild beaches of fine golden sand alternating with gravel are bordered by patches of pine trees – on the coast of the Saracens – or by dunes covered with olive trees and Mediterranean maquis, at Punta Alice. The water is crystal-clear, of an intense blue colour.

Sila Natural Park

The 10th Italian Biosphere Reserve in the UNESCO World Network of Sites of Excellence, the Sila Park covers 73,695 hectares. With its 66 trails, three lakes, and two museums, it is an attraction that draws nature lovers from all over the world. A masterpiece of biodiversity where you can learn respect and the value of the word ecosystem.

Capo Rizzuto

The importance of this marine reserve can be found both in the wealth of the fauna and flora and in the white beaches with crystal-clear waters. Shallow waters, endless prairies of posidonia, molluscs, porals, and cnidarians, a true paradise for snorkeling lovers and scuba divers.

Church of San Cataldo

Dedicated to the town’s patron saint. The building was built in 1903 and enlarged in 1950. The interior is divided into three naves by two rows of arches. The central nave, covered by a wooden trussed ceiling, is decorated with frescoes. The apse is embellished with paintings on a gold background. In the centre of it is the high altar. The facade is characterized by a bronze portal by Elio Malena.