Cantina Enotria was founded in 1974 by three local entrepreneurs: Cataldo Calabretta, Gaetano Cianciaruso and Armando Susanna. Their desire was to establish an artisanal winery: growing, processing and marketing their grapes,while building a direct contact between the grower and the consumer;shortening the supply chain and producing real wines that speak about the vineyard and the local territory, expressing at best the potential of the land and people.

Today, the team includes Francesco Palmeri, Luigi Macrì, Nino Marino, Enrico Gentile, Giovanni Acri, Laura Prantera and Franco Gentile, all directed by Saverio Calabretta and Armando Susanna, respectively son and grandson of the founders.

And they have no intention of changing the original plan because they believe in its value. After all these years, the winery's production philosophy has never changed: to produce a democratic and affordable wine, a wine for the people, a wine that brings the pleasure of simplicity, genuineness, and the earth back to the table. You can see their faces, and above all their hands and arms, in this gallery of images,captured while they are hard at work.