People and Vineyards

Sixty hectares, divided into five enchanting districts nestled between the sea and hills in the Cirò DOC area.
Forty hectares between Cirò and Cirò Marina, twenty between Melissa and Strongoli.
Each vineyard is owned by a partner who takes care of it according to the instructions of Enotria’s oenologist. In this role, Tonino Guzzo has recently joined the team. He is a well-known Sicilian professional who has brought his great experience to the management of the vineyards. Saverio Calabretta, the Production Manager, follows his precious input bringing his long experience to the area.

The red grapes are mostly grown using spurred cordon pruning and the white grapes using the Guyot system. At Enotria, the grapes are hand-harvested to preserve the fragrance and integrity.
The soils are clayey and medium-textured, and clayey soils mean wines with complex, soft and long-lasting olfactory sensations.

International and indigenous varieties are cultivated with great care, including Greco Bianco, Pecorello, Magliocco, Gaglioppo and Nerello Calabrese.